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About Ekklesia

Ekklesia ministry was founded a year ago by a South African entrepreneur and philanthropist minister Azziz Kara. Ekklesia ministry operates on a multi-media platform, with its sole purpose to fulfil the needs of the body of Christ, by providing instrumental tools to spread the Gospel.

The word ‘ekklesia’ originates from Greek and means ‘the called-out ones’, ‘the assembly of ordinary people’, who are called to discipleship by God to follow Him, to learn from Him and of Him, in order for the Church to grow together, serve together and worship together (Hebrews 10 : 23 - 25).

Today we know the word Ekklesia as the calling-out of ordinary people to follow Christ in worship, but during the times of the disciples an ekklesia was an assembly of people chose to govern the affairs of a city, a state, or a nation. It was primarily a congress or parliament. To the Roman Empire it was an assembly of people to govern a conquered area. It was part of the Empire’s hearts-and-minds operation where groups would infiltrate government, schools and other social structures to make them part of the Roman Empire.

When Jesus said He would build His Church or Ekklesia, He was speaking of an ‘assembly of people’ to govern and influence here on earth in His name.

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